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Wimmera Intermodal Freight Hub
9 August 2013
Hopetoun - Hamilton Mineral Sands Trains
29 September 2015
Rainbow (Yaapeet Line)
29 September 2015
Horsham Goods Services
28 October 2013
2002 Kiata Derailment
26 Jan 2002
Pinnaroo AWB Grain Flow Centre
30 Sept 2007

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Passenger Services Feasibility Study Released

Eight Victorian councils including the Horsham and Ararat Rural Cities, and the Southern Grampians, Glenelg, Northern Grampians, Yarriambiack, Hindmarsh, and West Wimmera Shire Councils, have combined to launch a comprehensive public transport strategy as the first step towards lobbying for improved rail and coach services to boost business, tourism, health and education in Western Victoria.

The study which was released in March recommends increased passenger rail and coach services between Ararat and Melbourne and return of passenger rail services to both Horsham and Hamilton. It also recommends extra coach services to improve connections between road and rail services across the Wimmera and Western Victoria and into South Australia.

A copy of the report can be downloaded here

A V/Locity passenger train at Ararat.

Steam Special to Jeparit in the '80s

In 1985 or 1986 this steam special was photographed at Jeparit on the Dimboola to Yaapeet branch.

The photo shows not only the locomotive D3 639 which hauled the train, but also the 'Jumbo' grain silo under construction to the left, the station building that was demolished soon after, and the wires that were used to activate the signals protecting the approaches from the Yaapeet and Yanac lines at the down end of the yard.

This photo was contributed to our collection without any additional information - any more details about anything in the picture, particularly the special train and the date, would be welcome. You can comment on the photo on our Facebook page by clicking here. - Fri 27 Dec 2016.

In 1985 or 1986 this steam special was photographed at Jeparit on the Dimboola to Yaapeet branch.

Ballast Program in Western Victoria

During late October and early November, the Australian Rail Track Corporation undertook a ballasting program on the western standard gauge line.

The train was loaded at Maroona and Glenorchy and travelled to discharge ballast at various locations between the up side of Tatyoon through to the South Australian border.

The work area will move across the border into South Australia once completed in Victoria.

Pacific National are providing the hook and pull services with locomotive 8139 hauling a rake of 22 ADFF hoppers with an NDPF van at each end. - Thurs 3 Nov 2016.

8139 leading a ballast train heading west out of Nhill on Wed.2.11.2016.

Pimpinio Loop Extension Works

As part of the project to extend a number of crossing loops between Melbourne and Adelaide work is underway at Pimpinio Loop this week.

The original turnout at the down end of the loops has already been removed and the number two track extended just over 300 metres to make it long enough to hold 1,800 metre trains.

The superseded signals are being removed and their replacements will be commissioned before the loops is again made available for crossing trains by the end of the week. - Wed 29 June 2016.

Victorian rail investment to benefit entire industry

GrainCorp has welcomed the Victorian government's recent announcement of $8.5 million to upgrade State-owned rail sidings at major grain silos around the State.

Five railway sidings in the Wimmera will be amongst seventeen throughout Victoria and Southern New South Wales that will be upgraded.

The investment by the Government will address lost time and poor train utilisation caused by slow train loading facilities at country sites, and inefficient track layouts at most sites that require excessive shunting.

This complements GranCorp's Project Regeneration initiative which will see them invest up to $80 million to improve their infrastructure to enable quicker out loading of the grain into trains.

The local sites to benefit from this funding are Beulah, Murtoa, Nhill, Rainbow and Warracknabeal.

GrainCorp's Regional Manager for Victoria, Peter Johnston, said the investment would deliver significant benefits across an important regional industry.

"The Victorian government's investment complements GrainCorp's own investment of up to $80 million across key sites on the Victorian rail network. These upgrades will deliver improved rail efficiency for the users of GrainCorp's open network and reduce costs," Mr Johnston said.

"The primary beneficiaries of this investment are Victoria's grain growers, as greater rail efficiency will unlock at least $5 per tonne that goes into their pockets through sharper prices for their grain.

"The many customers using our network will also benefit from significantly improved rail efficiency, allowing them to get Victoria's crop to its destination as quickly and efficiently as possible.

"Local communities will see a major reduction in heavy vehicle movements as around half a million tonnes of grain each year is returned to rail. This means less wear and tear on local roads and improved safety.

"Investment in the government-owned rail infrastructure is critical to GrainCorp's ability to deliver the benefits of our major Project Regeneration initiative. We are pleased to be able to partner with the Victorian government to deliver these outcomes and we congratulate them on their proactive approach and vision to grow one of Australia's most important industries."

"We hope the Federal government will deliver similar investment in ARTC infrastructure at Murtoa and Nhill," Mr Johnston said. - Mon.2.May.2016

Article courtesy of the - Dimboola Courier

The first train to load grain at the Bow Hill facility north of Rainbow in September last year.
Rainbow is one of the five locations in the Wimmera that will benefit from this funding announcement.


Infrastructure Projects in Western Victoria

The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) are currently undertaking two significant infrastructure projects in the Dimboola area on the main Melbourne to Adelaide railway line.

Pimpinio Loop, between Dimboola and Horsham, is one of four crossing loops on this line that are being extended to facilitate more efficient timetabling of 1800m long trains. The others include Pyrenees Loop near Ararat, Murtoa Loop, Diapur Loop and Mile End in suburban Adelaide in South Australia.

The work to be carried out at each site includes earthworks, construction of additional track sections, installation of new turnouts and the repositioning of signalling equipment and installation of new LED signals.

Work began in October last year at Pyrenees Loop with the required earthworks, with the equipment to undertake this work moving west as this task was completed at each site.

This was followed by the installation of the track and eventually the signalling and commissioning.

It is anticipated that Pimpinio Loop should be completed by April this year, and the whole project completed by July.

The second task is the replacement of the steel deck on one of the rail bridges that span the Wimmera River at Lochiel.

The railway line is carried over the river on a series of five bridges with embankments in-between, with the fourth span from the east crossing the main channel. The bridge being upgraded is the one to west of this.

Work began last week, and it is anticipated that it will be completed by the end of this week (Fri.11.3.2016). - Tue.8.3.2016

NR55 and NR66 leading PM5 through the work site at the down end of Pimpinio Loop just after the new turnout had been installed - Thu.25.2.2016

Lochiel bridge number 5 which is having its deck replaced.

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