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2002 | Container flats on the Yaapeet branch

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Date Published  Wednesday, May 22 2019
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\Photo"  Wangara Consulting

2002 | Container flats on the Yaapeet branch

Since the last regular goods train operated north of Dimboola in April 1976, when less-than-carload traffic was replaced by the Freightgate facility in Horsham, the line to Yaapeet has rarely seen any rail traffic other than grain and the very occasional works train.

In August 2002 what it believed to be the first train to include container flats ventured onto this branch.

On the 21st of that month a rake of six flats were placed in the siding at Arkona and a further 15 were stored at Tarranyurk.

Just over a month later, on 26 October 2002, locomotive G526 arrived at Tarranyurk from further north with seven loaded grain hoppers and shunted to collect the container flats. Seven more loaded grain hoppers were collected from the siding at Antwerp and the container flats were also collected from Arkona.

Above - G526 pulling into Antwerp with a rake of empty container flats to collect some loaded grain hoppers.

Upon departing Arkona the train consisted of G526 - 22 container flats - 14 grain hoppers.

This was the last recorded use of the sidings at both Arkona and Tarranyurk, which were both disconnected from the main line during upgrading works on the line after the 2011 floods.

Above - The full train approaching Dimboola with the container flats at the front and grain hoppers on the rear.

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